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Wedding Officiant

Congratulations! You are about to begin on your lifelong journey together as a married couple, and your wedding ceremony is the first step in marking your commitment to one another. Whether you are planning a small, intimate ceremony with just a few loved ones, or a grand celebration with 200 of your closest friends, your wedding ceremony helps set the tone of your marriage and should reflect your identity as a couple. We will work with you to develop and create a ceremony that best fits your needs and personalities as a couple.

We specialize in secular, civil wedding ceremonies, performed at the location of your choice in Barton County and central Kansas. We will work with you to develop your perfect ceremony!


We will provide you with an outline by email of wedding ceremony possibilities containing secular, civil, spiritual, non-denominational, non-religious, and religious options.


Your actual wedding will consist of the specific choices you make and nothing else. All elements of your wedding are totally up to you! Any word, line, paragraph or section can be modified in any way that you like. We want your wedding to be exactly what you want it to be - what you choose to include in your wedding ceremony should always truly come from your heart. We will either give you a standard ceremony or will work with you to produce a custom service designed just for the you. All or some of the parts of the ceremony may be customized.


My commitment to you: As wedding Officiants are there to help and assist with planning and preparation, I am there to help you create a ceremony that will be pleasing to both of you. I view my role as your servant. This is your wedding ceremony that should be a very special day for the both of you. Your wedding day should be a wonderful union for you and your families celebrating your new life together. As wedding Officiants are there to help and assist in wedding preparations, I am there to help shape your vision and to make it a reality.

Flexibility: As a wedding officant, I enjoy working with other wedding professionals such as coordinators, photographers and DJs. I will also make certain the handling and signing of your license is carried out properly. My goal is to give you a wonderful day you'll always remember.

Services Offered

Types of Services Offered - Wedding Officiants:

  • Non-Denominational
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Specialty
  • Non-Religious

Getting Started

Getting Started - The Process:

  • Contact me with your contact information, wedding date, time and location.
  • Once I receive your contact, I will call you to set up an appointment for the initial consultation in which all of your questions and concerns are addressed.
  • We secure a date and $100.00 deposit providing you are satisfied.
  • I give you several ceremony options to choose from. You are free to alter them or use your own.

Our Officiating Services include but are not limited to:


*Assistance with creation of ceremony wording

*Assistance with creation of ceremony program

*Assistance with selections of readings and vows

*Unlimited phone calls and emails before the event

*In person meeting to discuss details

*Attend and direct Rehearsal (optional)

*Arrive day of event 60 minutes prior to Ceremony

*Sign and Return marriage license to county clerk's office


We would love to help you create a warm, personal ceremony to share with your favorite people on your wedding day.